The Other Me.

Years ago before I had my band, I used to turn to poetry as a way of expressing myself. I still write some from time to time, but I recently had a revelation about my past poems. My young naive teenage spirit wrote about things far beyond her years. I’ve always known I was an old soul, but this just completely solidified it for me.

The Other Me” (© 2003) is a poem I wrote years ago that is so relevant to our current society. Many people try to put on a happy face to keep people from asking questions or exposing the truth. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world were everyone was honest? Just remember to treat everyone with kindness because you never know what kind of battle they are fighting.

“The Other Me”

Smiles on the surface, tears fill the empty shell
My little bits of Heaven feel a little bit like Hell
The dark blue pigmentation, more than the color of my eyes
It’s tears that dwell within me from the hurt, the pain, the lies
All the fancy clothing and supposed self-esteem
The confidence that I portray is really just a screen
My good strong beating heart is just a broken soul
With no sense of direction, never knowing where to go
At night I lay myself to sleep, the fake part of me fades
The true me finally comes to life, the two sides of me trade
And for those few short hours, my heavy guard is down
And in my dreams I find myself alive and care free bound
Until my small alarm clock pulls me back to reality
I don the clothes, the smile, the pride and become the other me.

Myka Shantell💋